Rumors on Gran Turismo 7 Releasing, Possible Addition of GPS Track Meter!

Fans of the Gran Turismo franchise have been waiting a long time for the newest and upgraded installment in this series. The fans are patiently waiting, keeping their fingers crossed while the developers are making sure that Gran Turismo 7 is worth the long waiting period as they keep adding cutting-edge features never seen in the franchise before. A large number of fans expected that the seventh game in this franchise would release last year. This was because the developers had already announced that they are working on the title in 2013.

However, 2014 came and passed away while there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the release date of Gran Turismo 7. Reports indicate that developers need more time to make the amount of changes and improvement that they earlier intended to make. Polyphony Digital is making sure that the game releases with better graphics on current-generation consoles and also works smoothly on them.

Gran Turismo 7 has been targeted for a PlayStation 4 release only; hence developers are doing their best to optimize gameplay as much as they can for this platform. Players are expecting the inclusion of a GPS Track Meter in the upcoming seventh installment in the Gran Turismo franchise. According to Latin Times, the current feature is under Beta Testing since 2014.

According to a June 2014 article in Latin Times, Jacques Berger, Head of Safety of Federation Internationale de l’Automobile was greatly amazed at the GPS Track Meter’s accuracy. According to Berger, not only the maps but also the surrounding landscapes like grandstands, buildings, and run-off areas have been precisely mapped out. GT Planet reports that players will be able to build their own circuits using the GPS Track Meter.

Meanwhile, we are not sure whether this feature will get added to Gran Turismo 7. However, players can witness the addition of new cars to the roster. Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony Digital declared that old models will be retained while new cars are added in the upcoming title. He declared that each of the standard cars has their fans and, as a result, none of them are to be removed.