NBA 2K15 Fourth Patch Released While the Game Was Available For $10.99!

Also, a rare case has been fixed where users might occasionally notice the title hang during the series of legal screens at the beginning of the game. A further issue was corrected where the Park Chat was not working with My NBA 2K15 app in case of a few users. Lastly, an additional issue was fixed where the gamer tag of the user would not refresh in the Roster Creator Interface while the gamer tag was being changed outside of the title.

We all know that NBA 2K15 was launched before the beginning of the NBA season last year and presently the last season is almost over  and only a few weeks remain on the schedule. However, there are many who haven’t had the chance to pick up the game and hence are itching to take part in the upcoming playoffs.

Meanwhile, Amazon presented a great deal with the game recently. Last Sunday afternoon, we noticed an epic match-up between the Washington Wizards and the Houston Rockets which was headlined by James Harden and John Wall respectively. In order to celebrate this event, Amazon declared that the outcome of this game would decide the latest price-tag of NBA 2K15 for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. The minimum knock off was set at $20 and with every point scored between those two points, there would be another $1 knocked off! As a result, NBA 2K15 was available for mere $10.99 since 49 points were scored between Harden and Wall.

Stay tuned for more updates on NBA 2K15!