Rumors and Updates On the Bachelorette 2016, is Jordan Rodgers a Part of the Show Just for the Limelight? Let’s See

It was also reported that despite being satisfied with Jordan’s explanation, JoJo will still remain afraid on the inside. A person who is involved with the show stated- “She feels like she’s the one courting him. She continues to have doubts.”

As stated above, JoJo was a part of the last season of The Bachelor, however, she failed to win the show and get engaged to Ben Higgins. She was recently accused of the fact that she did not possess true love for Ben Higgins.

The accusation shook her up and she broke down in tears. She stated that The Bachelor was the best thing that happened to her. She also stated that her love for Ben Higgins was true and thus the accusations of her not loving him pisses her off.

In her own words- “and for him to say that I never really loved Ben, that really pisses me the f*** off because that probably was the truest form of love that I felt.” She added that she was really happy at that time and felt respected. JoJo Fletcher’s emotional breakdown will be aired on the upcoming episode of The Bachelorette 2016.

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