Rumors and Updates On the Bachelorette 2016, is Jordan Rodgers a Part of the Show Just for the Limelight? Let’s See

The Bachelorette is a spin-off of the American competitive reality dating show The Bachelor. The show is currently in its 12th season and a number of rumors and spoilers for the ongoing season are currently floating around the internet.

Rumors have it that JoJo Fletcher might be seen getting engaged to Jordan Rodgers at the end of the ongoing season. The final episode is yet to be aired on ABC, however, a number of sites are predicting that she will ultimately be getting hitched to Jordan Rodgers.

Reports indicate that Jordan did not take part in the show to be the winner. Instead, he wanted some free publicity. He initially decided to try and make it to the finals of the competitive show. Upon managing to do so, he had reportedly planned to lose which would make him the next Bachelor.

However, it was reported that Rodgers had a change of heart and he decided to try and win the show in order to get engaged to JoJo. Apparently, Jordan wanted to make a name for himself in the industry by using The Bachelorette as a platform.

It is known that loyalty does not come naturally to Jordan. In fact, he is quite the player and thus it is unlikely that he will remain with JoJo even if he wins the show. Reports also state that JoJo is well aware of Jordan’s nature.

She also reportedly went ahead and had a meet-up with Brittany Farrar, who is one of the ex-girlfriends of Jordan. Despite knowing about Jordan’s past and his habits, JoJo still wants to place her trust on him.

In the upcoming episode, fans will likely be witnessing Jordan being questioned by JoJo about him being a player. However, Jordan is a smart guy and he will reportedly claim that he has never cheated with any of his girlfriends.

A renowned website reports that JoJo too has a hidden agenda for being a part of the show. Apparently, she too wants to attract some attention towards herself by making use of the show. She was a part of the last season of The Bachelor, in which she made it to the finals and lost to Lauren Bushnell.

JoJo met Brittany Farrar in the previous year in Dallas. Reports state that during their meeting, Farrar mentioned about her then boyfriend- Jordan Rodgers. She also added that he was unfaithful to her and cheats on her.

So, it is clear that JoJo knows what kind of a person, Jordan is. Despite knowing, she is continuing to date him and this has raised a lot of questions. Apparently, experts are of the opinion that her actions are indications that she is not on the show to find the man of her life.

Instead, similar to Jordan, she too just wants some attention, something which she has been receiving in voluptuous amounts in recent times. As per reports, neither Jordan, nor JoJo are interested in getting married to each other after the show comes to an end.

Brittany had also previously stated that Jordan dreamed of becoming a celebrity and his stint in The Bachelorette 2016 might just help him in realizing his dream.

Some rumors are also doing rounds which indicate that JoJo did not believe anything that was said to her by Brittany about Jordan and thus she wants to continue dating him in the future.

She will be seen going out for a romantic dinner with Jordan in the upcoming episode of the show. It is during this date; she will be asking him about the allegations against him that label him as a player. The explanation that will be provided by Jordan will reportedly be satisfying enough for JoJo and she will continue to date him going forward.