Microsoft Surface Pro 5’s Release to be Pushed Back, Rumors Indicate That It Will Run On Redstone 2 and Intel Kaby Lake Processors!

The latest reports indicate that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has received a major discount. The Surface Pro 4 is being sold at $1199 by Microsoft Store for the Intel Core i5 and 256GB variant.

The initial price of the device was $1299. Besides that, buyers can now purchase a variant for 849 dollars that runs on Intel Core m3 and has 128GB storage capacity.

The initial price of the device was 899 dollars. The discounted versions can be purchased by customers from the Microsoft Store with free shipping value. A 1-year limited manufacturer warranty will also be available for the device.

‘Digital Trends’ reports that the Surface Pro 4 comes with a 12.3inch PixelSense screen and it includes a resolution of 2736×1824 pixels. Each of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 variants comes with Intel Core m3, i7 or i5 processor.

The device further supports Surface Connect, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mini displayport, cover port along with USB 3.0 headphone jack. Besides that, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has a 5 megapixel front facing camera and an 8megapixel rear shooter.

Moreover, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 runs on Windows 10 Pro out of the box. The latest rumors suggest that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be released in 2017. Other reports suggest that it will release on October 2016.

Currently, people are talking about a 2017 launch period since the new Microsoft Surface Pro will be launched once Redstone 2 releases. Several reports suggest that the new device will come with a Kaby Lake processor.

The new processor should be released by next year. With the Kaby Lake processor, the new device will also consume less power which further increases the battery life. More reports indicate that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will run on 16gigs of RAM.

The new tablet is expected to release in different variants, some of them will have lesser amount of RAM but will come at more affordable prices. Rumors indicate that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will not have a 4K display. The feature will remain optional for people who pay extra money. The Graphics unit will be powered by AMD Polaris or Nvidia Pascal GPUs.

The launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 could be delayed to the spring of 2017 from late 2016. Reports from China indicate that Microsoft will purposely delay the launch of this hybrid tablet while Intel finishes its work on the next generation 14nm Kaby Lake processors.

These processors will be further integrated in the upcoming hybrid. The 7th generation processors will use less power and provide better battery life at the same time. More importantly, these processors will run on 16GB of RAM. Microsoft wants to include that in order to make this device unique among its rivals.

It will further run on the latest version of Windows 10. In terms of screen specifications, the device will have a 4k display. However, recent reports suggest that only one variant will have the 4K Display and the base models won’t. For better artwork, viewing and gaming, the Nvidia Pascal and AMD Polaris GPUs should be enough.

The device will include an USB Type-C port with microSD card slot for expansion and a Surface Pen which is rechargeable. Like most tablets and smartphones today, the device will have a fingerprint scanner as well.

Currently, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 uses the Intel Skylake processor. The Microsoft Surface Pro series began in 2013 as a more powerful variant of the regular Surface tablets. Till now, these hybrids have been released in a lifting pattern. Due to this, some people think that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will release in June.