Jeremy Lin to Become a Free Agent, Chicago Bulls Might Pick Him Up, Embarks On His Asia Tour!

Jeremy Lin has decided to become a free agent and is expected to decline the player option. Jeremy Lin is currently the guard for Charlotte Hornets. He had been signed by the team last year on a $4.4 million contract with an option to choose the player option in the second year.

Jeremy Lin had started on a productive season from 2015-2016. He had spent his time off the bench and has averaged 11.7 points, a 3.2 rebounds in only 26.3 minutes per game and a 3.0 assets. There were some rumors that the New York Knicks might take him back on their team, but this doesn’t seem like the guess since they are reportedly not interested in signing him.

Jeremy Lin has decided to remain a free agent so that he can try the other offers that come his way when the free agency begins on the first day of July. Hoops Habit has reported that Chicago Bulls are looking for a desperate change in their team and there is a chance that they will go for a free agent to give a much needed boost to their team.

Yes, for the fans, Chicago Bulls doesn’t seem to have enough cash in their reserve to make enticing offers to the free agents. The club has gone through a lot of drama in the last few months, but that is likely to change in July. The team is over the salary cap, but with the new season coming up, that will cease to be a problem.

The number of free agents in the field are plenty and Chicago Bulls and the other teams who want to make use of the free agency are spoilt for choice. There are players like Jamal Crawford and Hasan Whiteside who are offering their talent. The teams can also pick Bulls players Joakim Noah, Pau Gasol, Aaron Brooks and E’Twaun Moore.

If Chicago Bull is looking for one player to make him a part of their roster, then Jeremy Lin is the one that they should go with. The 27-year-old has had quite an interesting journey in the NBA. In spite of not having a very traditional NBA career, he became the “Linsanity” that the media couldn’t have enough of.

He made headlines during his time with the New York Knicks when he went on to make 14.6 points average with 3.1 rebounds and 6.2 assists. Lin did look set to become the superstar, but his career suffered under the Knicks’ head coach, Mike Woodson.

After Knicks didn’t make an offer to keep him back, Lin moved on to the Houston Rockets. Since then, he has been with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Charlotte Hornets. Given that Jeremy Lin isn’t the one that the public is eyeing, he will be an asset for the team since he will come cheap.

There is a lot of interest among the basket-ball enthusiasts to see where Jeremy Lin figures in the team list.

There is a lot of discussion on his net worth and while he is more expensive than the ordinary NBA player, he will not be able to rival LeBron James or Kyrie Irving. Both New York Knick and Chicago Bulls need a point guard and so it is going to be an interesting watch.

Jeremy Lin has had a whirlwind beginning to his NBA career with teams scouting for him. He is now looking for some normalcy, by going for free agency this summer. He said that being a free agent will help him do the one thing that he loves doing and that is to turn up for work and play basketball.