Jeremy Lin to Become a Free Agent, Chicago Bulls Might Pick Him Up, Embarks On His Asia Tour!

According to Latin Post, Lin said that in his decision to pick a team, he is going to make the coach of the team, the top thing to consider.

Jeremy Lin was on his Asia tour and had been asking his online support group to pray for his success on the tour. The basketball player went to Taiwan to coach a basketball camp in Kaohsiung last weekend. He then headed to Taipei, where he was part of promotional events and meet and greets, which also included charity events.

Jeremy Lin had started his digital prayer group for Christians after some of his supporters asked how they could pray for him. He informed Christian Post that he had seen a lot of ups and downs in life and he appreciates that there is this group, which supported him throughout his career.

He has a lot of hope on prayers and says that many things might be out of human control, but one can find a lot of peace with prayers.

For Jeremy Lin, his spiritual life is as important to him as his career since the former has helped him maintain balance in life.

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