Romance Will Be the Focus in the Scorpion Season 3, Viewers Witness Walter Trying to Profess His Feelings for Paige!

Scott Porter, who plays the role of Tim, is a very popular character and the showrunners have hinted that there is a chance of him hanging around Scorpion Season 3.

For the fans who are looking to watch something related to Scorpion, now that it has stopped airing, they can head over to the CBS website and watch a new commentary track that has been released. The track will give the fans more information about the Toby and Happy situation and fans might also get to enjoy some behind-the-scene clippings.

According to Design & Trend, Scorpion Season 3 is going to show the lives of the lead characters before they joined Team Scorpion. It was Nick Santora, who gave out this detail. The possible storyline focusing on the earlier lives of the characters have been in the talks for a while now and they are still figuring out how to best introduce it in the script.

The executive producers had done something similar even in Prison break. Where they showed one episode which dealt with the lives of all the characters and showed what they were up to way before they had landed in prison. This is an interesting way to go about, but they are still figuring out if this is what could work for Scorpion.

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