Romance Will Be the Focus in the Scorpion Season 3, Viewers Witness Walter Trying to Profess His Feelings for Paige!

Scorpion Season 3 is going to be high on romance. This news had been released by none other than the executive producers of Scorpion Season 3. Nicholas Wootton and Nick Santora have revealed that the upcoming season will see the romance between Paige (Katharine McPhee) and Walter (Elyes Gabel) and Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Happy (Jadyn Wong).

Happy and Toby were always meant to be together, but it would have been a little boring if the series got them together without much drama. The drama came in the way that Happy was already married to someone. This is a major obstacle in the two of them coming together and guarantees a lot of drama.

Toby had been kidnapped by former Scorpion team member, Mark Collins (Joshua Leonard) and he escapes from there to go and propose Happy, but never got his happy ending. Toby goes ahead and proposes to Happy only to be shocked at the reply that she had to give him. Happy reveals that she is married and Toby is as shocked as the viewers.

International Business Times reported that there a lot of queries. It was Mark Collins who had warned Toby not to propose to Happy and had hinted at the fact that she will say no. how did Collins know about Happy’s marriage? When did Happy get married? Who is she married to? Where is the husband?

All these queries are going to be picked up in Scorpion Season 3. Wotton has informed TV Line that the steps taking by Toby is going to affect Team Scorpion. It isn’t only going to be Toby who will be risking everything. Walter will also realize and do everything possible to make his feeling evident to Paige.

Walter will realize how much he loves Paige and he will go all out to win her back. Paige is away with Tim (Scott Porter) and that is when Walter realizes that he missed her and how much Paige means to him. Santora went on say that these two romances have been building up for a very long time.

They had it all planned out and Season 3 of Scorpion will finally see it coming to fruition. Even if the individuals are with someone else for now, it is only a matter of time before they come back to be with the person that they are meant to be.

Ever since Season 1 of Scorpion, the viewers knew that Toby and Happy and Walter and Paige’s relationship is on the cards and they will have to wait for the perfect time to see it coming to life. Now with the showrunners ready, the viewers will get to see it being played out in the upcoming season.

Season 2 of Scorpion ended with the episode Toby or Not Toby, which saw Toby finding out that Happy was married. With a finale that had ended on that note, fans can expect that the premiere episode of Scorpion Season 3 will pick up from that instance.

The fans will probably have to wait till September-October, before they find out what is in store in Season 3 of Scorpion.

Walter will have to head to where Paige and Tim have gone and while the new season will not pick up on real time, in the sense that it is not going to start with Walter driving to get Paige, it will start with Walter trying to get to her.