Roam With Any In-Game Characters With Batman: Arkham Knight Glitch, Face Riddler’s Robots in Catwoman’s Revenge!

The mind-meddling finesse that is usually involved with The Riddler around is missing here and you can easily solve the puzzle through trial and error.

However, a couple of new AR maps increase the life of this DLC. You will have fun fighting against tougher enemies and sentry guns. Catwoman’s skills can be put to use against some of the more formidable foes of Arkham.

The DLC gives you a taste of something brilliant but in the end, you are left asking for more. The setting in Catwoman’s Revenge is charmingly twisted but the short campaign doesn’t help in utilizing it enough.

Meanwhile, the Season of Infamy DLC for Batman Arkham Knight comes with four missions but it fails to deliver anything that feels essential to the Arkham Knight experience, besides the two tales.

It comes with quite a few nice touches like a small expansion of the GCPD HQ and some easy WayneTech upgrade points. The four Most Wanted missions come with a group of veteran Gotham baddies. They are none other than Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter and Ra’s al Ghul.

Stay tuned for more updates on Batman Arkham Knight!