Rihanna Wants to Stay in Luxury, Books Two Hotels for Her London Gigs, Time for Her to Release a Greatest Hits Album and Set Aside the New Music!

She didn’t want to create any tracks that would be burnt out. Furthermore, she felt that when she gets on stage, she doesn’t want to perform a lot of songs because they don’t really feel like her.  She wants to make songs that are actually timeless.

This suddenly puts a damper on all those people who found themselves admiring songs, like ‘We found Love’ or ‘Umbrella among others. In the end however, Rihanna has completely earned her right to shake things up a notch.

With a Greatest Hits album, she would have been able been able to celebrate and honor her back catalogue. It would have included her 34 hit singles and at the same time, she could have planted the seeds regarding where she wants to go next.

In other news, David Casavant owns a lot of vintage designer pieces in his apartment and he has allowed Rihanna and Kanye borrow his clothes. It all started from a fall 2001 Camo Simons bomber, patched with Richey Edwards images. He was the Manic Street Preachers singer who went missing in the ’90s. He pointed out to the fact that Rihanna is in fact a repeat customer.

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