Rihanna Wants to Stay in Luxury, Books Two Hotels for Her London Gigs, Time for Her to Release a Greatest Hits Album and Set Aside the New Music!

When in London, Rihanna like using the Tube but when it comes to Hotels, she goes for a slightly more opulent option. She books two places to stay. For her gig in June, she has shelled out 10,000 pounds on a whole floor at Wembley Stadium’s Hilton and also £2,000 on a luxury penthouse suite at the five-star Corinthia Hotel located in Whitehall.

Reports indicate that her people decided that the dressing rooms in the venue are not luxurious enough and are way too small. Furthermore, Rihanna has planned to have a massive party before and after her performance, where all her London-based pals will be invited. This includes models Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne.

According to a particular source, “As well as her regular VIP suite in central London, Rihanna wants an entire hotel floor near the venue to chill out with celeb pals and entourage so her friends can drink and party in luxury before she goes on stage.” Furthermore, she has also planned on having a major after party.

She also doesn’t want the guests in the neighboring rooms to complain about the noise. As a result, she wanted to solve the problem by booking out the entire floor. In the meantime, she decided to book another hotel as she wants a central London base in order to attend meetings and go shopping while she is in UK.

Well, she can definitely afford it so no need to fret over it. The 27-year old Bajan singer will be performing 68 gigs on her ANTI world tour and this includes seven of them in the UK.

Meanwhile, special guests in Europe will include US rapper Big Sean and Canadian singer-songwriter The Weeknd. However, she is still tweaking the sounds in her delayed and long-awaited eighth album which is long due for release.

The official reports indicate that it has been 1100 days since Rihanna last released an album and this was Unapologetic in 2012. Prior to that, she belted out six albums in seven years. You could also consider it to be seven in seven years, while including a repacked version of Good Girl Gone Bad featuring three new major hit singles.

So far, Rihanna has managed to remain a beacon of reliability in a pop world that is filled with buzz singles, never-ending teasing along with staggered release strategies. As November, people started expecting that there would be a 9/10 lead single along with a lovely ballad and a pretty amazing album.

At the same time, a vaguely controversial video would be making the rounds. However, it has been sadly replaced by a disturbing and endless Samsung sponsored Anti-album campaign. This clearly outlined its desire to remove any kind of commercial shackles of being a world-famous pop star and at the same time, the absence of any actual music.

However, this could all have been forgotten if only she decided to release an amazing palette-refreshing Greatest Hits Album and started completely new while shunning away her past.

While promoting the animated-film Home, Rihanna declared, “I’ve made a lot of songs that are just really big songs … they just blow up,” She further clarified that it’s not that they weren’t real music but in the end, she just really wanted to focus on things which felt soulful, real and forever. Her first attempt at creating music with real soul was seen in January with the release of FourFiveSeconds.

It featured Kanye West, Paul McCartney, one of Wilson Phillips and Dave Longstreth of Dirty Projectors fame. After that, she released a politically charged statement known as American Oxygen which rocked at No.78 in America. She further revealed that she wanted to create an album that she could perform in 15 years.