Apple iOS Jailbreak: Jailbreaking Tools Around the Corner for iOS 9.1 And iOS 9.2, Rumors Regarding a Functioning iOS 9.1 Jailbreak Resurfaces!

Jail breaking is a process by which users will be able to get a root access to the file manager of Apple devices. The jailbreaking method removes any software restrictions that Apple incorporates on these devices.

It unlocks the full potential of the device and allows downloading and installation of third party apps from outside the Apple App Store. Certain tools developed by hackers called jailbreaking tools are used to jailbreak Apple’s iOS.

Apple has been desperately trying to tighten the grips of its security measures to prevent its OS from getting jailbroken. However, it appears that despite of the company’s best efforts, hackers are still finding ways to jailbreak the iOS. Renowned jailbreaking teams like Pangu and TaiG are currently hard at work to develop a jailbreak for the Apple iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2.

A semi-jailbreak online script for iOS 9.1 has already been launched by Pangu but the tool is not fully functional and it is currently only available online. Keeping in mind the fact the current tool consists of incomplete components, it would be better for the users to abstain from downloading and using this tool as doing so may cause harm to their devices.

It should also be noted that once users download this tool on their device, they will no longer be able to install a previous version of iOS as Apple has recently disabled the downgrading option.

However, if some brave hearted users want to try out the semi-jailbreak tool, they may do so by heading to Pangu’s official website using Safari web browser. Users are notified to bookmark this page as doing so will automatically restart the jailbreak installation process in case of installation failure.

Once in the website, users will have to get the iOS version of their device verified by the site. They can do so by simply tapping the iOS 9.1 jailbreak button. After the completion of the verification step, users will have to tap the Continue button and wait for a little time till the process is completed.

Users will be automatically redirected to another website after this step is complete, where the installation process of the semi-jailbreak tool will be completed.

After jailbreaking their device, users may choose to download the official jailbreak app store called Cydia using the jailbreaking software. This store will grant users access to loads of third party apps which they cannot get from the Apple App store.

It was reported in a renowned website that the jailbreaking tool for the Apple iOS 9.2 will be soon released by Pangu. Apparently Pangu is delaying the release of the tool to build up the element of surprise so that Apple might not get a chance to nullify their efforts of developing a jailbreak by releasing another version of the Apple iOS which cannot be jailbroken by the tool that Pangu will release.

After the iOS 9 was launched by Apple, Pangu shortly developed a jailbreaking tool for that version of Apple iOS. However, all their efforts were wasted when Apple brought the iOS 9.1 o the market.

The iOS 9.1 was able to block out the effects of the said jailbreaking tool with its strong security measures.  Thus it can be assumed that Pangu is taking extra care so that this is not repeated in the case of the upcoming jailbreaking tool, which is resulting in a delay in the launch of the tool.

While they are already working on developing a jail breaking tool for the recently lunched iOS 9.2 betas, it could be assumed that they won’t release a working jailbreak till the final version of the iOS 9.2 is finally released.