Rihanna Being Sued for Not Turning Up for A Concert in Nigeria, Enjoys Her Vacation!

Rihanna is someone who has the luxury of wearing strappy sandals all day long and be driven around in limousines, hence long toe nails isn’t something that she should worry about.

According to Vogue, Rihanna’s long toe nails have already caught the attention of the media and there has been a general notion that they do kind of look a little odd, but then Rihanna can afford to keep that impractical pedicure and hence she gets away with it with ease.

Rihanna is currently on vacation and she is enjoying it in Turkey and Caicos with some of her friends. The beautiful singer has been spotted in some sexy beach wear and she was totally playing with the camera while enjoying her vacation.

Rihanna, herself, shared some interesting photos in her profile on Instagram and even got her friends to take some candid shots of her.

From a pink colored pinstriped bikini to a lacy one piece, Rihanna flaunted it all. She was shot lazing around the beach and enjoying beer. The singer is known for her accessories and she had on her large loops earrings along with beaded necklaces. Rihanna looked quite the style icon even when she was away from the media and the paparazzi.

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