Rihanna Being Sued for Not Turning Up for A Concert in Nigeria, Enjoys Her Vacation!

Rihanna’s new album, ANTI is all about the oomph and the sexy. She has been creating quite a storm with her world tour and performances. The fans don’t expect anything less from the talented singer, but it looks like Rihanna is in for some competition when it comes to her own tracks.

Rihanna’s Desperado has been covered by The Kills and from the sound of it, it sure didbeat the original when it comes to the sexiness. The cover of Rihanna’s song from her latest album ANTI, was performed by the indie rock duo during the SiriusXMU.

Alison Mosshart has a husky voice, which lent an added sultriness to the whole song. This, along with Jamie Hince’s slow tempo on the acoustic made this cover of the Desperado more appealing than the original track by Rihanna.

It looks like Rihanna and Jay Z are in a bit of a trouble. The duo has a music label called Roc Nation and they have been sued for not performing a concert, for which they were already paid.

Daily Mail has reported that Rihanna had been booked to perform at a concert in Nigeria. The organizer, Chris Ubosi had organized the whole thing along with his radio station, Megalectrics and everything was decided back in 2013.

Ubosi has now come out to state that he had spoken to both Roc Nation and Jay Z and had finalized the whole deal with Rihanna. She was supposed to perform for 65 minutes at the Eko Hotel in Lagos.

Rihanna was supposed to be paid $425,000 for the said performance. The organizer had supposedly already paid her $160,000 as an advance and then Rihanna’s representatives had requested him to push back the dates of the concert to July from May.

This is not all. Ubosi has come out to reveal that the organizers had asked Rihanna to inform the change in the dates of the concert on the social media. Rihanna had a far better reach in the social media and the organizers didn’t want to be held responsible for the change in dates. They felt that since Rihanna and her team wanted to push back the dates, she should be the one informing the fans about the same.

Now Ubosi has filed a case in the Manhattan Supreme Court. He claimed that Rihanna had never mentioned about the changed concert dates on the social media and hasn’t returned the $160,000 that was paid to her in advance. Rihanna’s representative has come out to state that the whole issue is a scam.

Rihanna hadn’t committed to any such concert in 2013 when she was on tour for her album, Unapologetic. Her camp has come out to make it very clear that Chris Ubosi and his radio station, Megalectric have been duped by someone.

The money never reached Rihanna and Roc Nation hadn’t entered to any such deal. Rihanna is currently busy with her ANTI world tour and is performing 74 shows panning over Europe and North America.

Rihanna is a style icon and has always been so. She recently turned some eyes when she came out of a New York club in a Chloé top and thigh high sandals. However, apart from her attire, there was something else that caught the attention of the media.

Rihanna was captured with long toe nails that were painted white.While it is a strict rule among the pedicurists that the toe nails should be kept short so as not to break them, they couldn’t believe how stylish Rihanna made them.