Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Will Not Be Revealed at The Upcoming WWDC, Expected to Be Thinner and Lighter, Siri to Be Updated!

The yearly Apple software show, Worldwide Developers Conference, is here and the Apple enthusiasts can’t seem to wait for what’s in store for them. As reported by Verge, Apple now has four different OS that it has to talk about.

The iOS, OS X, WatchOS, and tvOS. The WWDC starts on the 13th of June and what snippets of information has been leaked out from the upcoming event, it looks like Siri is going to be the star at the event.

There are rumors that Mac users will finally get to enjoy Siri and there are reports suggesting that it is also going to end up becoming more powerful than before. Apple has plans of incorporating Siri to third party apps, which means that different apps that the users download on their iPhone, can be managed by Siri. This will pave the way to make the phones more accessible via voice control.

To get an idea of how Siri is going to work out, the users can take a look at Alexa, which is an app from Amazon. The Alexa allows the users to interact with different apps in several interesting ways. The voice command can be used to book cabs, order food and even play games.

With Siri becoming a part of OS X, Mac users can use the software to do pretty much everything on their Mac, similar to the way iPhone and iPad users have been doing. The update will incorporate a Hey Siri option, which will make the experience completely hands-free. While Google had updated Allo into a great AI program, Apple hadn’t quite focused on Siri for so long, which had relegated it into the background of the AI.

Apple enthusiasts are waiting for the WWDC since the MacBook Pro 2016 is going to be launched on the occasion. However, it looks like Apple isn’t keen on announcing any information related to the MacBook Pro 2016. Apple is instead, working hard to bring in a new Siri and there are plans for a new AI speaker as well.

The Bitbag reported that Apple is going to work with Google Home and Amazon Echo to work on speaker that allows the users to listen to music, get new bulletins and even set timer. Beats, Famous Brand and CNET will come together to work on this speaker. The new AI speaker is also going to be enabled with a camera for face recognition.

Apart from these, the WWDC will also see Apple make some changes in the App Store. Telegraph reported that the software firm has made some massive changes in the store, with several new features, design changes and a paid for search option being added. The last feature allows the developers to pay more money to get their apps and games get a better exposure in the store.

It isn’t unnatural that Apple enthusiasts were hoping for an announcement for MacBook Pro 2016. The MacBook Pro hasn’t seen anything new since 2012 and they are hoping that something will be revealed soon enough.

According to Know Your Mobile, the MacBook fans are hoping for a new MacBook Pro model that will be of 13 inches or 15 inches. The new model should be slimmer than the previous model and should be something similar to the one released by Apple in MacBook Air.