PlayStation 4.5 Likely to Be Unveiled at E3 2016, Expected to Release Towards the End of 2016, Supports 4K Gaming!

PlayStation 4.5 is going to be the next PlayStation console that Sony is set to roll out soon. With the Electronic Entertainment Expo knocking (E3) 2016 on the door, it is highly likely that Sony will choose the event as the platform for taking the veils off of the brand new gaming console.

The E3 2016 will be held in Los Angeles, California and it is scheduled for a June 14 kick-off. It will continue till June 16. The announcement for this console will most likely be done by Sony at the said event.

It has been quite some time since the PlayStation 4 hit the market back in 2013. Rumors regarding a brand new PlayStation console have been building up on the internet for quite some time now. Initially fans thought that Sony was ready to unveil the next generation PlayStation 5.

However, latest reports indicate otherwise. Sony will be releasing another console before the PlayStation 5 hits the market. Then the name PlayStation 4.5 started floating around the internet. the device is being called by that name by everyone, however, it might be so that Sony decides to go for a different name for the device.

The new device will be more advanced compared to the existent PlayStation 4. The most striking feature of this device is going to be its ability to run games at 4K resolution. The device will be built with an improved and advanced GPU which will enable gamers to play games at 4K resolution.

Rumors have it that the PlayStation games will be divided into two categories after the release of the PlayStation 4.5. One category of games will be for the normal PlayStation 4, while the other category will be for the new device.

The version of games that will be developed for the new device might be called Neo. Thus, there is a chance that Sony names the new PlayStation as PlayStation Neo. However, there has been no confirmation regarding the matter as of yet.

Under its hood, the device will reportedly pack eight Jaguar CPU cores running at a speed of 2.1GHz. it should be mentioned here that the existent PlayStation 4 packs a CPU that runs at a speed of 1.6GHz. the faster clock speed will most likely make the device snappier compared to its predecessor.

An AMD GCN GPU with 18 CUs at 800MHz can be found in the PlayStation 4. Sony will be using an AMD GCN in the PlayStation 4.5 too. However, it will be more powerful and pack 36 CUs at 911 MHz.

A GDDR5 memory of 8GB at 218GB/s might be used in the new console. The PlayStation 4 runs on a memory which has a speed of 176GB/s. the device will be significantly powerful when compared with the PlayStation 4. As per reports the RAM on the device will be 24 percent more efficient than the RAM found in the PlayStation 4.

It was reported that AMD will be shift the manufacturing process of their chips from 28nm to 14nm. The 28nm manufacturing process has been used for quite some time by AMD and it has become somewhat outdated in recent times.

As for the new 14nm manufacturing process, it is more efficient and improved. The chips used in the PlayStation 4 have been manufactured by the 28nm manufacturing process.

However, it is likely that the PlayStation 4.5 will be built with the 14nm manufacturing process chips, thus making it more powerful and efficient.

Apparently, Sony has already shared the hardware information of the device with game developers. This would enable them to develop the games accordingly. Experts are of the opinion that the advancement of the device would enable developers to develop PlayStation VR games with high-end graphics.