PlayStation 4.5 Likely to Be Unveiled at E3 2016, Expected to Release Towards the End of 2016, Supports 4K Gaming!

These types of games require a lot of firepower under the hood to run and the PlayStation 4 might not be able to run them efficiently.

However, it will not be a hard work for the PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation Neo to run these high-end games. Developers might be seen developing games exclusively for this console which would help the new device make its mark in a competitive market. Also, they could be seen re-working games that have been released in the past and releasing for the brand new console.

Sony has already entered the Virtual Reality headsets race, a race in which the likes of HTC and Oculus are leading at the moment. Sony is all set to launch its own VR device- PlayStation VR later within the ongoing year.

It was seen in the case of early versions of the device that it came with a processing box which was attached to it. Now, rumors have it that the processing box will be built into the PlayStation 4.5 making it more compact and portable.

A better Wi-Fi integration is also on the cards when it comes to the upcoming device. The PlayStation 4.5 might be rolled out to the market during the September – October period with a price tag that will hover around the $399 mark.

Stay tuned for more updates on PlayStation 4.5.