Rhonda Loses the Baby, Cookie Has a Massive Plan, Camilla Pushes Hakeem to Take a Decision in Empire Season 2!

This places Hakeem in a predicament. He will have to toe the line between keeping his love for Laura hidden from Camilla and things are set to get very nasty for him in the midseason of Empire Season 2.

Hakeem has taken over the Empire at a very tricky point. The company has lost its face in the front of the public since Hakeem had been ousted from it in a very disgraceful manner.

Hakeem is still questionable as a CEO and even though he might make a great CEO someday, he isn’t ready yet. The viewers will have to wait and watch to see if he turns Empire’s fate around in the coming episodes of Empire Season 2.

Variety reported that Lee Daniels, the creator of the series had admitted that the show seemed to have lost its groove in the first half of Empire Season 2. While talking at a panel discussion at the PaleyFest, he said that with the series growing up, they had been suffering from growth pains. They have learnt their lessons and they are back with the midseason of Empire Season 2 in a stronger and better manner.

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