Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Will See Strains in Bailey and Warren’s Marriage, Deluca Avoids Maggie, Stephanie Teases a Twist, Meredith Realizes That She Isn’t Ready Yet!

Bailey has already been subject to a lot of things ever since she became the Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She has already had to suspend her husband, Dr. Ben Warren, after he broke protocol and operated on a patient without any proper supervision and equipment.

Ben did end up saving the life of the patient, but Bailey and Webber weren’t happy with what Ben pulled off and he was suspended for three weeks.

In the upcoming episode, Ben will plan to operate on another patient who is pregnant and will do so without proper instruments and this will again make him fall into trouble and this time, Bailey will be under pressure to take some strict action.

The episode will strain the marriage of Bailey and Ben. Jason George, who plays the role of Ben Warren has revealed to Yahoo that since Bailey is Ben’s boss, their marriage will face a lot of problems. Warren seems to think that since his wife is the Chief, he can get away with anything, but that isn’t the situation at all. Ben will be ticked off for the slightest problem and Bailey will tell him how he reflects on her.

The recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 has focused on Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and her issues with her boyfriend DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti). The head of cardiothoracic surgery is busy with her surgeries and she doesn’t have time for the fact that DeLuca has been making her completely confused.

DeLuca has been avoiding her at the hall and hasn’t been returning her telephone calls and she is puzzled about what is wrong with him. Maggie decides to confront DeLuca to ask him what is going on with their relationship. International Business Times reported that DeLuca has been avoiding her since he is nervous of the reactions from the fellow residents.

There have been complaints of nepotism in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and DeLuca is scared that in the wake of those incidents, he will be accused of receiving special treatment from Maggie who is the queen of the hospital since the two of them are dating.

In fact, it was DeLuca who had an issue with their relationship being hidden from the public eye and he was frustrated about the fact. Maggie had therefore confessed to having an affair with DeLuca, in spite of not being very comfortable with the whole thing.

Maggie confronts DeLuca and when he doesn’t know what to say and mutters and stammers she asks him directly if he wants to be with her since she is very busy and doesn’t really have the time to focus on these issues. She, however, doesn’t get an answer from DeLuca.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 had been dealing a lot with Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) and it is going to be dealt with again in the upcoming episode. Jackson will enquire why April hadn’t informed him about her pregnancy before the divorce was initiated by Jackson.

He tries to figure out if April didn’t think that the news of the pregnancy would change his mind about going ahead with the divorce. April, in fact, knew that the news of the pregnancy would have stopped Jackson from going ahead with the divorce. She didn’t want to do that since she didn’t want him to stay with her because she was pregnant.

Things between Jackson and April doesn’t get any better with Catherine (Debbie Allen), Jackson’s mother coming down. She tries to meddle in the situation, even though she was asked not to by Richard (James Pickens, Jr.) and makes things worse.