Rhonda Loses the Baby, Cookie Has a Massive Plan, Camilla Pushes Hakeem to Take a Decision in Empire Season 2!

Empire Season 2 was on a hiatus for three months, but now it is back, much to the delight of the fans. The show is back to answer all the queries and doubts that were there in the minds of the viewers. The mid-season finale ended in a number of cliff-hangers and Empire Season 2 midseason premiere didn’t waste time in addressing them.

The viewers had seen Rhonda (Kaitlyn Doubleday) have a massive fall and there was a speculation about whether she would survive it. Yes, much to the relief of the viewers, Rhonda did survive the fall, but she lost Andre’s (Trai Byers) baby. The viewers hadn’t thought that the girl will survive the fall after they saw her lying on the floor completely covered in her own blood.

The viewers got a glimpse of Anika (Grace Gealey) as she walked out of the front door with Rhonda lying down on the floor struggling. As we have realized by now, Anika has fulfilled her plan since the fall caused Rhonda to lose the baby. Andre is devastated when he finds out about the news.

When its Empire, it has to be full on drama. We see Camilla (Naomi Campbell) as she took over the Empire with her brilliant masterplan. Camilla took Hakeem’s (Bryshere Y. Gray) name for the nomination as the CEO of Empire and gave another mighty blow to Lucious (Terrence Howard).

Lucious as we all know is a power hungry man who loves to stay at the top of everything. He is shocked at this move and forces himself inside along with Andre and Thirsty. Lucious is forced to leave the office with Camilla threatening to call the cops on him. Lucious ultimately backs down after he hears of Rhonda.

Lucious might not deal with Hakeem about this, but Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) isn’t done with her son yet. She goes to Hakeem’s house and waits for him to be back. She waits in the dark and then berates with him a broom and once it is broken, uses her purse to talk him out of the decision to oust his father and take over the position of the CEO of Empire.

Things get serious when Cookie finds Lucious putting in bullets into a gun and talks him out of doing something stupid. Cookie supposedly has a plan and fans of Empire Season 2 are now sitting at the edge of their seats.

Cookie parades into the Empire office along with Andrea and Jamal. They see Hakeem, the newly appointed CEO of the company sitting behind the desk wearing a multi-colored suit with money prints on it.

Camilla pretends to be thrilled to see them. Cookie knows what she is here for business and gets to the matter immediately. She talks Hakeem into buying Lyon Dynasty and give complete autonomy to Cookie, which would make her the head of A&R.

Hakeem readily does it for the love of his family. While this makes Cookie wonder at how easy the whole process was, Camilla isn’t pleased at all.

Camilla now turns to Hakeem and gets nasty with him. She had placed him on the seat of the CEO of Empire so that she could have her way and didn’t approve of how Cookie could easily manipulate her way out with Hakeem. Camilla walks into the office and asks Hakeem to break up with Laura, the Latina superstar and choose her.

Now things are going to get nasty since Hakeem has really fallen in love with Laura, while he had pretended to like Camilla to get his ends. Hakeem, however, does try to break up with Laura, but ends up confessing his undying love for her and she reciprocates it.