Iron Man 4 Might Not See the Light of Day, Fans Disappointed at the Revelation!

With a Marvel film right around the corner, the interest in another popular Marvel franchise has suddenly gone up. Iron Man is one of the most popular franchise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With all the three Iron Man films going on to become worldwide hits, there was no doubt that Marvel will go ahead and plan for the fourth instalment of Iron Man.

When Marvel announced its next phase of films till 2020, it was presumed that Iron Man 4 will be a part of it. Robert Downey Jr. has immortalized the role of Iron Man and he is continuing to don the iron suit for the other Marvel films. However, it doesn’t look like he will ever don the iron suit for a standalone Iron Man film.

Robert Downey Jr. had expressed interest in playing the role of Iron Man in another standalone film, but it doesn’t look like Marvel is interested to let that happen. Initially there was a report that an Iron Man 4 film is on the cards, but it will not see Robert Downey Jr.

With the film set to release some four to five years later, Robert Downey Jr. had himself wondered how fit he would be by that time to get into the shoes of Tony Stark. Hence there was a speculation that the young boy shown in Iron Man 3, played by Ty Simpkins will be roped in to play the role of the next Iron Man.

However, now it has become very clear with reports from Breathe Cast that another Iron Man film is actually not in the cards at all. Marvel has plans for another Avengers film as well as another Captain America sequel and also the much awaited Doctor Strange, but there is no word about any plans for Iron Man 4.

While Robert Downey Jr. had expressed his interest in wanting to be a part of Iron Man 4, he has also informed his fans that Iron Man 4 might not actually be in the cards, since there is no mention of it in his contract with Marvel Studio. He was contract bound to play the role of Iron Man only in three standalone movies and then appear in Avengers and Captain America.

Fans had felt that Iron Man 4 was a possibility since it is one of the most popular franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the studio has realized that while Iron Man enjoys a popularity with the viewers, he doesn’t enjoy a very favourable position within the Avengers. Marvel would rather put their money on the Avengers franchise and focus on the other heroes in the universe who require to build a fan base.

Marvel had initially focused on standalone films in their first phase of films since they needed to make the superheroes popular with the audience.

They released standalone films of many Avengers so that they could create a niche audience of their own. Now with the superheroes being popular, Marvel has decided to move away from the standalone films for the original superheroes.

Iron Man films had done stupendous amount of business in the first phase and it was the most successful superhero film that has been made by Marvel. The film supposedly made a business of $1.5 billion in 2012, but then that has changed now with the Avengers films going ahead to do way better business in the next phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe.