A Review of Dark Souls 3, We Find Out Why Newcomers Should Be Excited about the Game!

Dark Souls 3 is not the last game in the series but it is easy to see why the creator Hidetaka Miyakazi said that this is how it could be. The game features a stunningly designed world of ruin and there are loads of hyper-difficult enemies you need to kill.

Considering the game on the surface, it appears to be more of the same. The plot is pretty vague similar to any other game in the Dark Souls series. You will need to slaughter all sorts of monstrosities which range from undead trees to giants.

Thanks to the well-established setting and art direction, the game immediately appears interesting before you actually attack the first love. When you start doing it, it will come onto its own.

With consummate ease, you can dodge and side-step almost every blow, which is a lot like developer FromSoftware’s last game, Bloodborne. However, the use of shields to block attacks is equally important.

This is because you cannot regain health by attacking like you could in Bloodborne. When you start dual-wielding a weapon, you gain access to a lot of different ways of attacking. You can gain the ability to use a bow like a sniper rifle and zoom in to your target. You can also let a long sword perform a strike which should decimate your opponent’s shield.

The weapon art makes use of both stamina and focus points and this in turn, will be a replacement for the set number of times you could ask magic in previous entries.  Focus points will not regenerate even though stamina regenerates after some time. Therefore, using a critical hit forces you to think which further adds a dimension of strategy in the process.

This results in a gameplay which falls somewhere between the Bloodborne and previous Souls games. However, Dark Souls 3 has a unique identity of itself and it is certainly a lot more refined than any other game in the series so far. Even besides combat, the world of Dark Souls 3 is pretty interesting. You will find a lot of hard-hitter bosses scattered throughout the game.

Most of them will have multiple phases and they will get tougher to defeat as they get closer to their death. This further leads to certain enthralling affairs. If you are new to the series, you should prepare to die and that too several times in the process.

Keep in mind that each of the bosses will require varying level of patience and the satisfaction of beating them up should more than make up for it. Prepare to make several trips to Firelink shrine along the way.

Although Dark Souls 3 is a rather difficult game for newcomers, there are many reasons why people new to this series would love it. The game will feature fluid movements and overall snappier combat but it won’t feature the health regenerating mechanic seen in Bloodborne. You won’t have to get used to the clunky movement seen in the previous games.

You were limited to one spell at a time in the previous Dark Souls games. This doesn’t include the consumable nature of spells. In Dark Souls 3, players will be able to use a spell and in the meantime, ready another one.

You will have to manage a blue magic meter for spells but at the same time, this allows for more freedom during combat. With the magic expansion, combat-hardened players will have more options to fight and at the same time, this doesn’t eliminate the need to dodge weapons.