Lord Jamar Talks Of How Jaden Smith Is Poisoning Minds, Are You Following The Gospel According To Jaden Smith? Let’s See

Veteran rapper Lord Jamar had some things to say about girly men and Jaden Smith wearing a dress, during a recent interview with Vlad TV. The Brand Nubian rapper is not known to bite his tongue and he recently said that by wearing a girly dress, Jaden Smith was actually poisoning minds.

Lord Jamar said that if he gets 3 million dollars to wear a dress, there will be a certain way to look at it. According to him, the influence he creates by wearing that dress could last for generations to come.

He further asked whether the interviewer understood what he was saying.You might get 3 million dollars to wear a dress but at the same time, you are actually poisoning at least 50% minds in the process of doing it.

Jaden Smith was given a huge amount of money to wear a dress during a Louis Vuitton ad which took place last year. Lord Jamar further said that according to him, real men are being taken out of their houses and they are being replaced by girly men.

He said that according to him, the way we are going, all the real men will be drawn out of their houses and these men will be brought into your house through the internet, TV, your cell phone. There are various other mediums andthey are now going to be your frame of reference in order to see how it feels to be a man.

He continued, stating that people need to believe that at a certain point, there will be strong men and they will be entering the communities with their guns. This will probably end up being the path of least resistance where you will be devoid of any weapons whatsoever.All that people will have are abunch of girly men runningwho keep running around trying to fight the police.

From the looks of it, it seems like Jaden Smith is the Generation Z prophet. Through each interview he gives, he slowly ends up revealing his gospel. It seems like as if he is composing a manifesto for his children. Keep it in mind that these children are actually our future generation.

During his latest interview with British GQ, Jaden Smith decided to further speak about his philosophies. He said that he feels like people are actually confused about all the gender norms. According to him, people don’t really get it.

He admitted that it doesn’t mean that he gets it but at the same time, he doesn’t focus on distinctions.He said that he doesn’t see man clothes or women clothes; instead he notices only scared people and comfortable people.

What should we think about all of this knowledge? Prophets are known to be cryptic. People have been searching for loads of clues and within the tweets and interviews of Jaden Smith. Apparently, these are some of Jaden’s teachings so far.

He wanted people to know that just because he was born in America and knows how to speak English; it isn’t the language he actually considers. In his mind, he speaks Jaden, indefinitely.

He wants people to understand that whenever you are disagreeing with someone, all that the person needs to do is see The Dress and acknowledge it for himself.According to him, Haters are simply pre-creators who need the seed of greatness.