Lord Jamar Talks Of How Jaden Smith Is Poisoning Minds, Are You Following The Gospel According To Jaden Smith? Let’s See

Although people say that he is an old soul, Jaden considers himself to be remaining young forever. He spoke about how every 7 years the body is completely replaced with entirely new cells. Therefore, just because people look same, they don’t necessarily remain so.

According to him, when life throws major problems at your way, all you need to do is think about the little problems you no longer need to think about. Simply stare in the mirror and after a fresh bout of crying, all will be good.

Jaden wishes to fix the whole earth and according to him, anyone born on earth is by default, a citizen of earth and should have every right to explore his home. He wishes to create a new utopia in the planet.

Meanwhile, you will notice that there is a certain similarity between Cher and Jaden Smith. They are both highly committed to wearing capes and it is a fact that they have both performed in a movie with Blair Redford.

Besides these, do they primarily appear to be at the opposite ends of the cultural spectrum? Not quite so. If you have been reading their tweets, you will notice how they appear to be kindred souls in spite of the half century age gap between them.

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