Ariana Grande Releases Teaser for Her New Album, Speaks About Her Accident, Set to Perform at The MTV Movie Awards!

Ariana Grande has been working hard to promote her new album. She had been appearing on talk shows to promote her new album Dangerous Woman. The singer has been teasing her fans with clips with songs from her upcoming album. She had released a clip with herself in a black mask and bunny ears.

The video shows her singing the track of Woman to cappella. The video garnered more than 18 million views worldwide. The song has helped Ariana Grande soar into the Billboard Artist 100 chart. This song is going to be a part of the third studio album from Ariana Grande, which is set to release on the 20th of May.

While that was something that was expected by her fans, the second clip has wowed the fans completely. It shows Ariana Grande with her hair open for the first time. The video has been directed by Young Astronaut and shows Ariana Grande staring at the camera seductively while she moves provocatively. Ariana Grande dons a sexy black lacy bustier and garter. She romps on a white couch while bathed in blue and pink light.

According to Indian Express, Ariana Grande has voiced her opinion against male singers and rappers to put a stop to using sexist terms in their songs. She said that the use of such derogatory terms make their songs vulgar and it comes across as really harsh to the ladies

Ariana Grande was talking to Female First when she said that when male singers and rappers use crass and obscene words, they go unnoticed and becomes a part of his artistic liberty, but the world seems to have an issue with the fact that a female artist could talk about her heartbreak in her song.

Ariana Grande spoke up and asked the women to start voicing themselves. She said that only by sticking together and talking about issues that bother them, openly, can they hope to bring about a change. Ariana Grande went ahead to state that she loves seeing women who are vocal about things, since it is the only way that a change can be initiated.

She urged women to speak up and be honest and said that they have to be supportive of one another and keep their friends close. Ariana Grande added that she has a very strong group of friends who would kick her ass if she ever let something like this affect her and that they always have her back.

Ariana Grande recently spoke about a harrowing accident that would have cost her life. She talked about the incident during her opening night for her Honeymoon tour. She told Alan Carr that she would have died while performing, last year.

There was a wooden plank with which she was supposed to pop up onto the stage, but while she was singing Love Me Harder, one of the strings attached to the wooden plank on which she was standing had snapped.

She spoke about the harrowing moment when she was being pushed against the stage and was struggling to escape. Her guitar guy saw her caught in the contraption and helped her out of it. However, by that time she was already on stage. Ariana Grande revealed that it was one of the horrifying moments of her life and she will never be able to forget it.

This year, the MTV Movie Awards is going to be a grand affair. Firstly, the show is going to be hosted by Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart and secondly, it has been announced by MTV that Halsey and Ariana Grande are going to perform in the show.