Ariana Grande Releases Teaser for Her New Album, Speaks About Her Accident, Set to Perform at The MTV Movie Awards!

Ariana Grande will be there to promote her upcoming album, Dangerous Woman and according to Teen Vogue, will be performing Dangerous Woman for the audience. Halsey will be there to perform to Castle which she sang for The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

Halsey is very excited about the performance. According to MTV News, this will be the first time that she will be performing Castle. The song is of immense importance to her as a woman and she is happy that MTV and The Huntsman gave her the opportunity to perform it for a prestigious occasion.

While fans of Ariana Grande know that Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are going to do a great job as the hosts for the night, they are hoping that they get to see Ariana Grande hosting something in the near future. Ariana Grande was a laugh riot while she hosted the Saturday Night Life and Celine Dion revealed to her that she was brilliant in her impersonation.

In other news Ariana Grande seems to be having some issue with Justin Bieber since the latter is performing with her ex Big Sean and addressing him as his brother.

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