Adam Driver Says Star Wars 8 Is Interesting, Daisy Ridley Excited to Work with Mark Hamill, Fans Awaiting More Scoops!

Star Wars 7 saw the Resistance defeating the First Order, but this hasn’t dampened the spirit of Kylo Ren as informed by Adam Driver, who plays the role. He said that the First Order is still at war with the Resistance and isn’t going to give up that easily.

Kylo Ren was last seen in Star Wars 7 where he had killed his father, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and then was blasted by Chewie before he was tackled by Ren in their huge showdown. According to The Week, in spite of it all, Adam Driver has revealed that Kylo Ren is still going strong.

Adam Driver has also gone ahead to inform the fans that the script for Stars Wars 8 is going to be a very interesting one. While Driver didn’t let out any scoop about the upcoming film from the popular franchise, he had plenty of praises for Rian Johnson who will be taking the reign from J.J. Abrams and will be directing Episode 8 of Star Wars.

Driver said that the two directors are very different from each other and it will be very interesting to see how Johnson continues with the story from where Abrams has ended it. It will be interesting for the actors also since now they have to work in a different manner with Rian Johnson.

Star Wars 7 had ended with of lot of questions and uncertainty and along with the audience, Adam Driver is also keen on heading back to the set to find out what happens next. He said that there were a lot of moving pieces in the last film, which was all about setting the tone right for the subsequent films.

There was an initially anxiety in Star Wars 7 about how the audience will perceive it. However, now with the film seeing a huge success, things are more relaxed and the whole team is now focused on making Star Wars 8 a massive success like the earlier installments.

An interesting scoop from the Star Wars 8 has been revealed by the fan site Making Star Wars. There is a rumor that Luke Skywalker will be seen heading to a casino to look for someone and it is believed that the famous Jedi has supposedly developed a habit for gambling since he has been frequenting these gambling dens.

Insiders have said that the casino where Luke Skywalker will be heading to will be similar to the water hole that had been shown in Star Wars: A New Hope. It is going to be full of strange looking beings from different parts of the galaxy.

While it doesn’t look like someone like Jedi Luke Skywalker will be going to a casino, but from what little the viewers glimpsed of him at the end of Star Wars 7, he didn’t look anything like a Jedi that viewers had heard of.

There are a lot of questions that the fans have started asking about the Jedi. What is it that has brought about this change in him? Did the failure of the Empire to oust the First Order brought this upon him? These questions and more will be answered once there are more information on what fans can expect from Star Wars 8.