Review of Game Modes in Halo 5: Guardians While You Wait For It to Launch at Midnight!

You can also evade incoming fire through thrust move capabilities and you can slide as well while performing a Ground Pound.

Through this move, you can leap into the air, hover momentarily and then come crashing down in a melee drop-down kind of a move which is quite devastating to anyone standing in close proximity of your LZ. If the close-knit combat in Arena PvP is not something you prefer, you should definitely try out Warzone.

It features a 12 versus 12 combinations of PvP and PvE which occurs over large-scale battlegrounds. Each team fights to control over a wide range of different objectives. Meanwhile, additional PvE forces are also introduced into the fray and for bonus points; they are worth taking care of.

Keep in mind that most of them aren’t trivial at all and require a small team to actually beat them completely. The matches in Warzone spool up slowly, which shifts from simple skirmishes at the outset, to land-sky battles in the end, which are quite chaotic.

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