Review of Game Modes in Halo 5: Guardians While You Wait For It to Launch at Midnight!

The Halo 5: Guardians which you receive in your hand will be different than the one that Microsoft has been trying to sell you for two years now. So far, we have experienced Halo 5 through some trailers and previews in a spin-off TV series. It features a dramatic tale that shows our hero, Master Chief taking a shocking rogue turn and deciding to face off against new hero Jameson Locke.

According to marketing demands, we must hunt for the truth and early previews of Halo 5 clearly indicated that the story in this game will go deeper than ever into our beloved Chief’s soul. However, it has turned out that the finished plot is much more simplified and pedestrian. In reality, this will not matter at all.

Once you get your hands on Halo 5, with the controller as your weapon and the gun as your character’s, the plot, and immense sci-fi themes will not affect you at all. In fact, Halo 5 feels quite good and even better than its predecessor in most cases. Halo 5 Guardians features its core level of gameplay which sets it apart while comes with a lot of major tweaks and improvements.

Meanwhile, Halo 5: Guardians is actually a game that can be broken down into three different parts. There are three different components, Warzone, Arena, and Campaign. In the campaign mode, Halo 5: Guardians features a dual storyline with an ensemble cast.

On one hand, there is the Blue Team, which has Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 and his teammates, Kelly-087, Linda-058, and Fred-10. They have a designated mission, but soon it turns out that they decided to deviate from the mission go AWOL for really some good reasons.

After this happens, there is another team sent after them in order to find out what’s going on and then bring them back home, where they belong. On the other half of the story, we have Fireteam Osiris led by newly-minted Spartan, Agent Locke along with his trio of companions, Edward Buck, Holly Tanaka and Olympia Vale.

The storyline actually switches between the action of two teams and a major part of the storyline completely justifies the major amount of ass-kicking that takes place. The campaign mode can be played out as a single-player game with three AI characters or you proceed with a more co-operative approach through drop-in/drop-out with online friends.

The cut-scenes transition into the gameplay in classic style while you notice that the Spartans are highly adept in traversing the landscape by dodging and clambering over obstacles, athletically shoulder-charging and other stuff which provide a rather contemporary feel.

The gun action is flawless with smooth aiming, shooting, and general maneuvering. It makes the game feel more polished than ever.  You will find a large variety of guns, ranging from the deadly plasma pistols, the classic needle guns, plasma rifles, shotguns and sniper weapons.

After a time, things might start to get a little bit monotonous with your character just emptying magazines after magazines into the same kind of enemies. However, there are missions where you can use tanks and vehicles, which are really fun but rare at the same time.

Meanwhile, Arena is a 4v4 competition which is set in smaller battlegrounds. A new competitive skill rating system is used to rank the participants on seven different levels.

They are great at delivering good-quality matchmaking across the various modes in the Arena: Breakout, Strongholds, Capture the Flag, Slayer, Free-for-All. and SWAT.

All you need to know is that Arena is incredibly well-designed and quite entertaining in gameplay. Spartans come with unlimited running capability and using that you can travel around the map pretty fast but keep in mind that your shields won’t regenerate while you’re at it.