Ressler and Liz Could End Up Together but Romance Will Justifiably Take a Backseat for Some Time in The Blacklist Season 3, And More

Eisendrath revealed in an interview that by doing such a thing, they will put Kessler in emotionally vulnerable places and provide Liz an opportunity to reconnect and support him in a manner that will deepen their relationship.

In the meantime, Boone declared that she thinks Elizabeth loves Ressler. At the same time, she doesn’t think there are romantic feelings at work here even though she is aware of how a lot of people think that’s what they really desire.

Liz has a lot of things to remember and think about but people just want her to forget her identity and all the different things she’s trying to remember. They just want her to settle down.

On the other hand, Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) who plays Liz’s husband is still in the picture. As a result, with his presence still undeniable and Kessler hunting for Liz, it is safe to assume that the romance will need to wait.