Release Date Rumors for GTA 6, Things We Should Expect In the Next Title, And More

In case you are still running the older consoles but you want to grab hold of GTA 6 and many more awesome titles coming up, I suggest you upgrade immediately if possible.

The trend of releasing all the latest titles on PS4 and Xbox One clearly indicates that developers are trying to introduce the next-generation hardware to gamers and make the older generation consoles extinct. In a way, this is definitely a good idea.

With the new generation hardware, developers will be able to transform their games to a greater extent and bring out the best in every new title. Also, you better keep in mind that GTA 6 isn’t releasing anytime soon. So, by that time, the community for older consoles will have died.

Meanwhile, with the release of Fallout 4, Bethesda has added a really interesting feature. While playing the game, you can customize all of the settlements that you take control of.

If you want to remove a piece of rubble, a car or a tree, you can do that while you can also build a new house if you want to. This is something that Rockstar should do with their upcoming GTA 6. With this, Rockstar can create a GTA 6 that comes with pretty unique features.

Stay tuned for more updates on GTA 6!