2016 Apple MacBook Pro Lineup Likely to be Replaced by a 15-inch Model, Rumored to use the A9-A10 Chips Instead of Intel Processors, And More

The 2016 Apple Macbook Air was expected to launch last month. However, when that didn’t happen, it was expected that Apple would finally reveal it early next year,latest by March 2016.

The latest rumors involving the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 suggest that Apple might finally decide not to use Intel Processors and instead, shift to their next generation A-series Mobile Processing Chip. This could be an A9X chip, which powers the iPad Pro, or the new A10 chip, which is a major candidate, according to the latest reports.

Apple just didn’t want the new Macbook Air to compete with the newly released iPad Pro. The iPad Pro started hitting shelves this month even though it was revealed on the ‘One More Thing’ event held by Apple, back in September this year. Meanwhile, Apple intends to overlap its MacBook Pro line up completely, all the way up to a 15-inch model.

Meanwhile, rumors involving the 2016 Apple Macbook Air keep surfacing and a latest batch of such rumors suggest that it will be available soon. The latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air might face several obstacles before finally experiencing steady sales.

According to The Latinos Post, there will be great deals for various kinds of Apple Products. The release date is further supported by the fact that Apple has started to sell its batch of previous models as well.

Present rumors suggest that the Apple Macbook Air 2016 will be the most powerful Apple Laptop till date andit will be powered by the Skylake-U chipset from Intel. Furthermore, the device will also run on El Capitan, the latest OS from Apple.

The upcoming MacBook Pro will also make use of the same processor chipset. There was a chip found under the code AAPLJ951 discovered in El Capitan. Due to this, it is expected to come out in December. There are various other rumored specifications like the inclusion of both 13-inch and 15inch variants.

Meanwhile, Yibada reported that the 2016 Apple Macbook Air could be unveiled before the year ends. Earlier, it was reported by Venture Capital Post that the earlier models from Apple have already gone on sale and this probably indicates that the company is getting ready to launch their new units soon.

Apple made no moves of announcing the 2016 Apple Macbook Air and MacBook Pro this year although; it was highly anticipated by fans all over the world. It is being rumored that the tech giant wanted to hold off their releases in order to make way for the newly released Apple iPad Pro.

During the Black Friday 2015 sale, Apple fans could expect major deals and discounts to be introduced for various Apple products. If the 2016 Apple Macbook Air does release at this time, it will mean a major win for Apple fans.

A Latinos Post report revealed that Apple Insider readers will get 50% savings on Apple Care and a free Apple SuperDrive after purchasing the 2015 13-inch MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air models. Consumers who make use of the code during purchase will also enjoy free shipping and sales tax exemption.