Apple iPhone 7: Set to Lose Traditional Headphone Jack, Brand New Waterproofing Method Coming with the Device, And More

It has been more than a year since Apple launched the last iPhone- the iPhone 6. The device was able to garner positive reactions from users and it is believed that iPhone 6 is the best and most powerful iPhone ever to see the light of the day as of yet. Rumors regarding the next iteration of iPhone have already started building up on the internet and social media.

Reports from certain renowned websites are stating that Apple may develop iPhone 7 without a headphone jack. The standard 3.5 mm headphone jack has been a regular part of iPhones since the series was first launched in 2007.

If rumors are to be believed, the iPhone 7 will be the first device in the immensely popular series of smartphones from Apple to come without a headphone jack.

It is being reported that instead of plugging in their headphones into the headphone jack of the device, users will now have to plug it in the phone’s Lightning port which is actually the charging slot of the device.

Rumors are abuzz that Apple is removing the hole from the device so that the device could be made even slimmer. The headphone jack stands at 3.5 mm and it is the largest hole that the device features.

Thus it could be assumed that Apple has decided to remove this port because it wants to make the device slimmer than its predecessors. Another added advantage of removing this hole is that, doing so will grant a better waterproofing ability to the device.

Apple may be considering on making EarPod Accessories available with the iPhone 7. Users will be able to listen to any audio through these EarPods. These will fit in the lightning port of the device which has a Digital to Analog converter built in it.

However, it is not yet clear whether these EarPods will come as a free accessory with the device or will be sold separately as an independent accessory.

The Headphone company Beats which was founded by rapper Dr. Dre. was taken over by Apple last year. Fans are speculating that this company will come into play for producing brand new accessories which are Lightning Port capable for the iPhone 7.

Fans in possession of Bluetooth headphones could use those to listen to audio on the iPhone 7. These will reportedly be compatible with the upcoming device.

Users who do not want to use an EarPod and does not possess a Bluetooth headphone will have to shell out some extra bucks to purchase an adapter which will make the traditional 3.5mm earphones compatible with the device’s Lightning Port.

They can also opt to purchase a new Bluetooth headphone for listening to their favorite audios on the device.

The wireless charging feature which has been missing in the iPhone models released till date will also reportedly make its way to the series starting with iPhone 7.

It has been already introduced by Samsung in a number of their smartphones and thus it is being speculated that Apple too will incorporate the same in its devices to keep up with South Korean company.

Apple had recently filed for a patent for a new method of waterproofing ability developed by them. This new method will reportedly use electric charges to expel water which will help to keep the device dry.

Till date, the traditional method of waterproofing in which rubber seals are used to waterproof most areas of the device has been found in many smartphones.

This method has its own limitations like the speakers cannot be covered with these seals and thus they remain exposed. However, the new method developed by Apple will work towards removing the limitations of the previous method.