Apple iPhone 7: Set to Lose Traditional Headphone Jack, Brand New Waterproofing Method Coming with the Device, And More

In this process, the system will instantly detect any traces of liquid in any area of the phone, and once detected an automated electric charge will be applied by the system on that area. This will result in the liquid being expelled from that area ensuring that the device is not harmed.

It is being rumored that this newly developed method will be a part of iPhone7 making it the first ever device that features this brand new process of waterproofing.

According to one of our sources, the iPhone 7 will come with 3GB of RAM on the inside along with an LTE chip which will make the device 4G compatible.

The same source also stated that the iPhone 7 might come with the brand new 10 nanometer chips that are reportedly being developed by Intel. These chips will make the phone even faster and more powerful than its predecessors.

There is a possibility that the phone might feature a Multi Touch-3D Touch capability. The Multi-Touch feature was first introduced to mobile devices by Apple with its iPhone series. The company is reportedly working on this feature to enhance it even more and also integrate it with the 3D Touch feature.

However, there has been no official announcements regarding this matter as of yet and thus users are advised not to take it too seriously.

Stay tuned for more update on Apple iPhone 7.