Kingdom Hearts 3: Release Date Leaked By Amazon? Sora Getting a Much Needed Makeover!

The mystery revolving around the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 is yet to unfold as no announcements regarding the matter had been made at the D23 Japan which was held last month.

With no official news regarding the game’s release, certain rumors have started building up stating that there is a possibility that the game might finally see the light of the day at the end of next year or by the beginning of 2017.

However, a renowned website recently stated in one of its reports that the release date of the game might have been leaked by a leading online shopping website. The report stated that the popular online shopping website, Amazon has recently uploaded a list of games that will be available for pre order in the month of December.

The said list features Kingdom Hearts 3 and the website stated that the game is scheduled for a December 31, 2016 launch for the moment. Amazon will start shipping of the game from Jan 2, 2016. The game will reportedly have a $59.99 price tag and there is a possibility that it will be exclusively available on Amazon only.

The listing describes the game bysaying that it will contain similar worlds based on Disney properties. It also mentions that this game is going to be the last chapter in the Dark Seeker chronicle. There has been no official response from the developers yet regarding the matter and thus the authenticity of the news is questionable at the moment.

It is not the first time that sensitive information regarding the game’s release date has been leaked by Amazon. In a previous instance, an email stating that Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to arrive on January 2, 2017 had been received by fans who had subscribed feedback pages of the site.

The email came with a note which clarified that the game had a listing date of December 31, 2016 and January 2, 2017 was going to be the online retailer’s next shipping date for the game.

Other rumors about the game are also making rounds on the internet. According to one such rumor, the developers are going to incorporate Daybreak Town into the game. It was reported in a renowned website that there was a special screening of a secret trailer of the game at the D23 Japan. The report stated that the video supposedly portrayed the making of the game.

A 3D version of Daybreak Town was showed off in the video which has led fans into speculating that it will be incorporated into the upcoming game by its developers. However, it should be noted that there has been no official backing behind this rumor as of yet.

In other news regarding the game, one of our sources stated that the protagonist of the game, Sora has been given a makeover in the looks department. After the release of a previous trailer of the game at E3 2015 in June, many fans complained on the social media that Sora looked somewhat lifeless in the video. With the advancement of gaming consoles, fans were expecting a huge improvement in the graphics department of the game.

The supposedly secret trailer that made its debut at the D23 Japan portrayed an enhanced Sora, a report stated. The video reportedly features a Sora whose expressions are not lifeless like that in the previous trailer. He was seen smiling in the video instead of staring blankly and fine wrinklescould be spotted on his face formed as a result of that smile.

This and some other details in the surrounding suggested that the developers have put in a lot of effort in improving the looks of Sora as well as the overall graphics of the game.