No Man’s Sky: Released in 2016, No Video Released, Will Be Available in PS3, PS4 and PC, More Details!

If you are a fan of No Man’s Sky then you are in for some very good news. Hello Games has confirmed that they will be releasing the new game on June 2016. This announcement came after there were a lot of speculations that the release date has been postponed because of technical issues.

There were articles circulating on the internet that contained information stating that Hello Games has met with some technical glitches in No Man’s Sky and they have to push back the release date in order to sort them out. This news had disappointed the fans since Hello Games had already been making them wait for the game for a very long time.

Sean Murray had insisted on the importance of sticking to a deadline. He had said that Hello Games had already taken a lot of time to develop the much anticipated No Man’s Sky. In such a situation they will be unfair to their fans and supporters if they couldn’t live up to their promises.

With Sean Murray making such a promise and then Hello Games revealing that they will not be able to stick to their deadline, didn’t go down well with the fans. They were about to start agitating on the delayed release date of No Man’s Sky when Hello Games released a statement stating that the fans shouldn’t pay heed to the rumors circulating in the internet and should check the facts with the information available on the internet.

No Man’s Sky has caught the attention of the gaming community because it is believed to be a game that can never be completed. The game has incorporated 18 quintillion planets in its game play and each of them have their own features and environment.

Gamers will have to complete all the levels of the planet and then proceed to another. The order of the planets that the gamers choose, is on their preference.

Sean Murray had said that No Man’s Sky can be played as multiplayer game, but given the unique nature of the game play, it will not be a multiplayer in the fashion that other games are. More than one player can play the game, but they are completed on their own once they start the game. Given the vast size of No Man’s Sky’s universe, it will be difficult for players to meet each other inside the game play.

There is a speculation that Hello Games is ready with No Man’s Sky, but they to wait until 2016 because of Sony. No Man’s Sky has decided to tie up with Sony and it is scheduled to launch with the new VR headgear that Sony is releasing.

The rumor has it that Sony is having some issues with the VR headgear and because of this the whole process of No Man’s Sky being released is being pushed back. When Sean Murray was asked about this, he said that he couldn’t talk a lot on the issue since he wasn’t aware of how much he is allowed to speak out. He said that Sony VR headgears are the perfect accessories for a game and that they will enhance the experience of No Man’s Sky multifold.

Sean Murray from Hello Games had released the first video of the game play of No Man’s Sky in the E3 conference of 2015 and since then there has been no turning back. The unique game play and the vast expanse of the universe is what has caught the attention of the gamers.