No Man’s Sky: Released in 2016, No Video Released, Will Be Available in PS3, PS4 and PC, More Details!

Design and Trend has reported that the fans of the game will be able to enjoy a promo of the game at the Sony PlayStation Experience. Sony had initially released a 50 games that might be feature on the occasion, but have since then narrowed it down to 30. Among them No Man’s Sky and Uncharted 4 has been confirmed.

The new video of No Man’s Sky will feature the voice of Rutger Hauer and will give the fans a glimpse of what is in store for them in the game. The fans are already running out of patience with Hello Games releasing such interesting videos and promos for their promotion, isn’t helping the fans. They are getting more and more impatient and are waiting for Hello Games to start the pre booking.

There are reports that No Man’s Sky isn’t going to be complete PS4 game. It is going to be available in PS3 and also for playing in the PC. Sony has reported that while these variants are going to be available at the time of the release of No Man’s Sky, there are no chance of it being released in Xbox One and Mac any time soon. Fans from those consoles will have to wait longer.

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