News and Updates on Upcoming Lowriders 2 DLC, Christmas DLC And Apartment Customization DLC for GTA 5 Online!

Famous YouTuber DomisLive answered a lot of questions regarding the updated DLC map along with the chance of new mansions being introduced, news on stock market and Casino DLC in GTA Online.

All of this and much more were revealed during his latest QnA series gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto 5. In this QnA session, there was also mention of the much-anticipated Christmas DLC and Lowriders DLC for GTA 5 Online in the month of December 2015.

Dom sounds quite positive about Rockstar releasing both of these DLCs and his first fan query was about the chances of releasing Lowriders 2.0 and Christmas DLC in December.

His argument is further powered by the fact that Rockstar released 2 DLCs earlier in a similar manner and these two DLCs are Halloween Surprise and Lowriders DLC Part 1, in the same month.

Right now, GTA 5 isn’t growing any younger. In fact, people are getting bored with the repetitive content and this serious questions the longevity of this title. A particular gamer asked Dom about how long he thinks that this game would last.

According to his response, the game would last as long as YouTubers keep releasing new videos of this title and Rockstar keeps releasing new DLCs for GTA 5 Online and GTA 5. Meanwhile, another gamer asked him about new cities being added to the GTA 5 map.

To this, he responded, saying that Rockstar could develop the existing game code and bring out the hidden regions of the map like North Yankton. Instead of adding new maps to newer cities in the US, this is a solution that sounds much easier and faster.

DomisLive further clarified that Casino DLC and the Mansions update are definitely on the cards. Sadly, the possibility of a stock market addition to GTA 5 Online has been dropped since Rockstar decided to reject this content.

Meanwhile, it is Holiday season and gamers are expecting the addition of a new Christmas DLC, a Lowrider 2 DLC, and an Apartment Customization DLC before the year actually ends.

According to iDigitalTimes, a man actually hinted some details involving Lowrider 2 DLC, stating that, “LondonTown2004 have checked the file again and found out that EventPlanning have been updated with two new ID’s “LOW_2_MP” and “XMAS_3_MP” classified as DLC’s.

We have to wait for confirmation as we don’t know if London is reliable. But it makes sense as they’ve added Halloween an update with Lowriders 1. They can have a new Holiday update added with Lowriders 2″

It is expected that the Apartment Customization DLC will be added to GTA 5 Online in the coming weeks.  In the coming Christmas season, these two DLCs will definitely be added, stay sure of that.

Presently, the entire gaming world is involved in Fallout 4, the latest title to be released by Bethesda for platforms like PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, with a number of DLCs to be released, GTA 5 has definitely caught the attention of gamers this season.

Meanwhile, Funmw2 declared that a new Slasher mode will be released on a GTA 5 DLC, which is actually set in North Yankton.

Earlier, it was rumored that the North Yankton map would be released as part of another DLC but that didn’t really happen. However, a lot of gamers were trying to bypass the restriction in the game so that they can explore North Yankton.