News and Updates on Upcoming Lowriders 2 DLC, Christmas DLC And Apartment Customization DLC for GTA 5 Online!

In other news, MrBossFTW talked about the latest price predictions, a lot of DLC items and snow cars, designed for the upcoming Christmas DLC updates for GTA 5 Online. While responding to a fan query, he declared that ‘The Ballad of Gay Tony’ would be his favorite DLC theme for GTA 5 Online.

He further expects that Rockstar will introduce various new gameplay elements like crazy guns, nightclubs, fast cars, the Bahama Mamas nightclub Neon Feature and much more. He also talked about how players can ‘rank up’ rapidly to Level 100 in GTA 5 Online.

According to him, players should take advantage of the Double RP and Double Money event weekends, which were recently featured in the Lowriders event for GTA 5 Online.

Ross further elaborated that these events could signal the introduction of yet another GTA Online DLC update, like the Apartment Customization DLC or the Lowriders 2 DLC.

According to him, Rockstar might further decide to delay the announcement of these DLCs, or surprise everyone with a quick launch in January or December.

Ross also talked about the highly-speculated Festive Surprise DLC, revealing that there is still no clear image regarding the possible content to be included in Festive Surprise 3.0.

In other news, Rockstar added a new competition to GTA Online called Running Back Adversary Mode so as to celebrate the annual Thanksgiving glut of American Football contests.