Release Date Rumors for GTA 6, Things We Should Expect In the Next Title, And More

It’s been quite some time since GTA 5 was released and fans are getting impatient for more news and details involving GTA 6. Lately, there have been a lot of speculations regarding the sixth upcoming part of this popular franchise.

For now, it has been tentatively titled, Grand Theft Auto 6. Rest assured that this game is quite far from being released but little bits and pieces involving this title are already making its way to the news.

All of it hints towards various possibilities and a potential release date, scheduled for the latest upcoming game in the GTA franchise. The particular aspect which is being speculated to the most is the setting of this upcoming game.

It has already been admitted by game directors that they would love to include possibilities that allow players to visit across various areas like Vice City and San Andreas.

GTA 6 will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and there these areas can be easily reimagined and expanded right from scratch. Furthermore, Rockstar loves the aspect of players seamlessly travelling through different areas.

Leslie Benzies, the Head of Rockstar North, declared that at some point, they would love to have a single big world where players can fly between all the cities that are located in it.

Meanwhile, choosing the protagonist is another major part of GTA. Till now, the entire franchise has featured a male protagonist in the main story and in GTA 5, we saw three of them collaborating with each other and crossing paths in more than one cases.

Right now, the fans are hoping that this upcoming game will feature a female protagonist. Rockstar recently added multiplayer to this series in the form of Online Play but GTA is still a fantastic free-roaming, action-adventure game which primarily focuses on gunfights, robbery and heists.

In spite of all these speculations, GTA 6 hasn’t been officially mentioned or confirmed by Rockstar. However, you can be sure that it will release and it will only be a matter of time till the official announcement is made. For now, you can expect it to be released sometime in 2018.

In the meantime, there are a lot of things that people want from the upcoming title. With Rockstar releasing a game as vast as GTA 5, players have been treated to a certain benchmark.

They expect this benchmark to be maintained and possibly improved with the upcoming game. The people are now requesting the addition of much larger maps to this title.

Gamers wish to roam around in these maps without any form of restrictions whatsoever. All GTA fans hope that an integrated map will be featured in the upcoming game.

They expect all the previous maps to be added along with new ones. This is definitely possible but it means a lot of hard work to be done by the developers.

If they really decide to do this, it will definitely take a huge amount of time and one can expect the release date to be somewhere in 2018-2020.

Meanwhile, rumors involving the addition of a female character are going pretty strong and till now, this is yet to happen. The co-founder of Rockstar, Dan Houser said that they exclusively needed the male protagonists in GTA V but things can be a lot different in case of GTA 6.

In other news, you cannot expect GTA 6 to be released on the older consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. That is probably not happening.