HTC One M10 Boasts of Quite a Few New Features Such as the Camera and Design Upgrades, Should Launch After the One X9, And More

Recently, a rumored image of HTC One M10 was leaked online on a social media site. According to the latest batch of rumors, this device will be released in the second quarter of 2016 and it will come with a powerful battery and a fresh new camera addition. The release of HTC One M10 will take place right after the launch of the company’s HTC One X9.

A tweet from HTC ROM developer LlabTooFeR gave rise to this rumor and it was posted that this handset will be released around 2 to three months after the release of X9. HTC probably wants to launch it in spring since in order to provide a reasonable gap between the launch of these two devices.

Meanwhile, after the mediocre reception of the HTC One M9, HTC definitely wishes to step up its game while developing the upcoming M10. HTC One M9 received a lot of negative feedback, mainly due to issues like overheating, uninspired design of the smartphone along with a downgraded battery.

HTC wanted to avoid any kind of overheating problems that were faced by its predecessor and therefore, the company put a lot more effort to develop a more reliable battery.

A wireless charging feature will also be added in the One M10, in order to further alleviate the heating problems. This will also be beneficial for all the users.

Moreover, an enhanced autofocus technology has been introduced, which should reportedly enhance the quality of the rear-shooter in this device.

It is rumored that HTC One M10 will come with revolutionary features which have never been seen before in a flagship smartphone. Besides the excellent battery, it will have a 5-inch display and 4K pixel resolution. Other features include microSD slot of up to 2TB, 4GB of RAM, and dual SIM support.

Meanwhile, people are talking a lot about this upcoming device and from the looks of it, this will be THE best device offered by HTC till date. If the reports are true, the HTC One M10 will be a best performer in all aspects.

HTC also wants to show the world that people should never judge them on the performance of their earlier-released device.

Compared to the underwhelming performance of its predecessor, the One M10 should really be a crowd-pleaser, with a much more reliable and efficient battery.

I have already mentioned that HTC wants to improve the camera to a great extent and that is definitely what needs to happen. HTC needs to get back into the game, with a device that is a class apart.

Furthermore, most of its competitors offer wireless charging and this device will definitely do that as well. The other high-end flagship features which are expected on this device are a fingerprint scanner along with a USB Type-C port. This has already become a necessity for all the latest premiums smartphone releases at the moment.

With the inclusion of such high-grade components, the device is definitely poised to make a mark. With a display size of 5-5.2 inches, this device from HTC will definitely get a complete turnover.

Reports indicate that it will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, a 23 MP shooter, 4GB RAM and a greater 3500mAh battery. Meanwhile, there are conflicting reports which suggest that it will sport a 13MP camera and 2GB RAM. Only time will tell the truth about HTC One M10.

However, by now it is clear that HTC wants to go all out in 2016, with the release of two highly-anticipated devices, the One X9, and the One M10. X9 should be priced at the $499 mark and will probably feature the same design of its predecessor.