HTC One M10 Boasts of Quite a Few New Features Such as the Camera and Design Upgrades, Should Launch After the One X9, And More

HTC wants to introduce a much more favorable design but that it will be pretty difficult. HTC has always rocked it when it comes to design and it will be difficult to top the near-perfect design of the HTC One M9 and the One M8.

At the same time, some changes can be made in the area where the HTC logo is placed, so as to maximize the additional space. Meanwhile, HTC enthusiasts would love to see the better battery in the upcoming device and this probably going to happen.

Consumers are already expecting that the new HTC device will have a battery that lasts for 2 whole days. People were really disappointed with the downgraded battery in the One M9, and therefore, this is something that HTC needs to change. Keep in mind that anything rumors or leaks about the HTC One M10 are yet to be confirmed.

As a result, be prepared to take any new details with a grain of salt. However, one of the best rumors involving this device is the one that reports a maximum of 2TB storage capacity with the help of a microSD card.

Stay tuned for more updates on HTC One M10!