Release Date and Rumors Involving Apple iPhone 7, Talks of a New DLSR-Quality Camera Upgrade, More Details

If the two sensors work at once, the upcoming iPhone could feature the biggest camera-jump, in the product’s history. The photo competition from Sony and Nokia has been heating up, and it’s high time that Apple introduced a major lens upgrade. Reports regarding the screen size suggest that there will be a model with a screen size greater than 5.5inches.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors involving Sapphire Glass. If Apple uses such a display in its next range of smartphones, it will include Liquidmetal for the chassis and Sapphire Glass for the display. Apple has already added Sapphire glass to their Apple Watch display. Sadly, there have been reports that Apple’s major Sapphire supplier, GT Advanced has closed two plans in Arizona and Massachusetts and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

At the same time, a new screen technology that could be featured on the Apple iPhone 7 is Force Touch. It involves a pressure-sensitive haptic technology, which knows how light or hard you are pressing. This will mean a whole new level of interaction between iPhones and their users.

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