Kanye West Replaces God, Seems to be Controlling His Wife’s Appearance!

Vic Mensa had got his break when he got a chance to sing in Kanye West’s song ‘Wolves’ that will feature in his new album So Help Me God. The collaboration between Mensa and West doesn’t stop here. The two are also set to feature together in Vic’s album.

The two singers who hail from Chicago are going to feature together in a song. While attending a show in London, the two of them teased a new song, which we now know is called ‘U Mad.’ This same song was played by Vic at a DJ gig that was organized recently, and it included a verse sung exclusively by Kanye.

The song seems to be carrying forth the attitude from ‘All Day’, where Kanye is in his un-apologetic best. U Mad could feature in So Help Me God, but it is being termed as Vic Mensa featuring Kanye West. This has got fans of Kanye West excited about the new album by Vic. U Mad is said to be produced by Smoko Ono, one of Vic Mensa’s SAVEMONEY crew and another young Chicago producer called D Phelps.

Here’s a perfect gift for all Kanye West fans!

There seems to be a version of the Bible called The Book of Yeezus that replaces Kanye West as God. While this is a moment to rejoice by devout Kanye West fans, the Christian community is not very happy with the move.

Three brothers from Detroit seem to have created this new age “Bible” and are selling it online. The books replaces God’s name with Kanye’s name in every instance of the Book of Genesis. Sample this for an idea- “In the beginning Kanye created the heaven and the earth…”

The term “Book of Yeezus” has been borrowed from a 2013 song by Kanye West, and it is selling online for $20. Termed as the modern day Bible it is the attempt by Kanye fans to take something ancient and relic and changing some aspects of it to give it a new meaning. The matter is going to resemble that of the Old Testament, only the term God has been replaced with the rapper’s name.