Kanye West Replaces God, Seems to be Controlling His Wife’s Appearance!

The Book of Yeezus was available on ETSY.com, but it has been removed since.

While his fans are making a God out of Kanye, it doesn’t look that his wife, Kim Kardashian is happy with the way he is playing God in hers. There are reports that Kim is being controlled by Kanye. In Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim had repeatedly told Khloe that she is envious of how she can do whatever she wants in her life and dress the way she wants to.

It looks like Mrs. West is being made a “style zombie” by Kanye West. Kim recently went platinum blonde, a look she didn’t prefer because she was asked by Kanye. She also let reveal in the show that Kanye wanted her to lose some weight. When he suggested this to the trainer and the trainer was not keen on Kim changing how she looked, Kanye flew off into a rage and got her replaced.

Kim has suddenly changed the way she dressed, and while her looks have been the talk of the town, she doesn’t seem too happy with it.