Release Date and Rumors Involving Apple iPhone 7, Talks of a New DLSR-Quality Camera Upgrade, More Details

It’s been a while since Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. As a result, it’s time for fans to look forward to the next upgrade in the iPhone line of devices. People are currently anticipating an awesome device to be released in the near future. Following the iPhone release trends, fans should expect to see an iPhone 6C, iPhone 6S or a totally new iPhone 7. Meanwhile, should you expect an iPhone 6S or an iPhone 7?

Shall we get to see an iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 7 Plus instead? Fans are expecting to see major new upgrades in the form of a better camera and whole new hardware. Right now, rumors are surfacing randomly along with a few design concepts.

According to Tim Cook, Apple names their next-generation devices based on a potential flagship feature or a design upgrade. The iPhone 6 Plus has a plus-sized display and hence the Plus moniker beside it. Look back, and you’ll notice that the iPhone 4S got the S moniker due to the introduction of ‘Siri’. While naming the future devices, an S moniker will be introduced if they tend to stand out. In case they have too many new features, a freshly christened iPhone 7 will be introduced.

Regarding the release date, you might have noticed that Apple keeps releasing new devices around September. For quite some time now, Apple has been releasing major updates every year. Between these years, Apple has consistently launched minor updates for the iPhone. The iPhone 5 was launched in September 2012, followed by the 5S and 5C in September 2013. Last September, we saw the launch of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. I hope you are following the trend as it means, this September, we could witness the Apple iPhone 7.

In the meantime, according to Franchise Herald, Apple iPhone 7 or 6S will probably feature a DSLR-quality camera, a higher price, and a larger screen. Reports suggest that there will be a new camera system in the upcoming iPhone. According to John Gruber, Apple could incorporate the use of a two-lens camera strategy.