Release Date and Hints Involving the Apple iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 5, The Pro-Lineup Is Possibly a Replacement for the Air Range of Devices!

Therefore, if an iPad Air 3 is finally released, it will be in the same price range as the earlier iPad Air version. In the meantime, it was further suggested by Tech Advisor that the hardware specifications should be good enough to make iPad Air 2 users think about an upgrade. It shouldn’t be so good that it overpowers the iPad Pro.

Rumors also indicate that the display and processor should be upgraded but it won’t feature the True Tone display of the Pro. In the meantime, Apple is known to be as simplified as possible and there are further speculations that the Air lineup has gone for good. This is because the company will not release a tablet which comes with the same screen size as the latest iPad Pro.

Moreover, it will also be thinner and lighter compared to the previous Air. There are other improvements which are still possible, but all of that should keep a safe distance from the iPad Pro.

The iPad Air 3 was supposed to arrive alongside the iPhone SE on the 21st March special event from Apple. All we know is that it will be thinner, lighter and come packed with much more features that include the Touch 3D fingerprint sensor.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iPad Air 3!