Update 1.5 For Fallout 4 Currently Available, Far Harbor DLC Likely to Be Released in The Next Month!

Fallout 4 was released back in 2015 and the craze of fans surrounding the game does not look as like it will fade anytime soon. Just in the recent past the game received a brand new expansion pack in the form of Automatron.

The Mechanist was the main antagonist of the said expansion pack and it added a new aspect to the game which allowed gamers to build their own robot companions. A horde of villainous robots was unleashed by the The Mechanist upon the Commonwealth and players were tasked with hunting them down and killing them.

It is with the parts of these very evil robots, players were able to create their very own robot-companions. Ada is the first robot-companion that the player comes across in the expansion pack.

Recent reports suggest that a brand new update has been rolled out by Bethesda for Fallout 4. It is the update number 1.5 and at the present moment the update is only available for the PC version of the game. However, fans who are playing the game on either Xbox One or PlayStation 4 need not fret as the update will soon arrive for the console versions of Fallout 4.

The update brings forth a reworked Survival Mode to the game along with several bugs and error fixes. Let us have a detailed look at the brand new update-

Firstly, is this new Survival Mode, which is basically a brand new difficulty setting for the game. Under this stetting the player will find the game much more challenging than usual. Some of the aspects of the mode are listed below-

  • Under this mode, players will not be able to fast travel to locations. The game will only be saved when the player takes a nap.
  • Enemies will inflict more damage and players will be more affected by fatigue and diseases.
  • The Character Selection filter will display the Characters set to Survival difficulty setting.
  • When a player is close to a wall or other obstacle, the third person camera movement will be better compared to the present camera movements.

It should be noted here that the new Mode is not backward compatible with the 1.4 version of the game.

Some bugs and error fixes that the patch brings are also given below-

  • Fix for an issue in which the game would crash when a save related to the Automatron DLC is reloaded.
  • Fix for the issue in which reloading a saved game when in the robot workbench would continue to add perks multiple times.
  • Fix for the issue in which after cancelling out of the menu, the robot workbench camera would not move in a desired manner.
  • Fix for the issue in Ada failed to travel to a settlement for which it is assigned.
  • Fix for the issue related to distance check with the Robotics Expert Perk.
  • Fix for the issue in which blueprints would not appear properly with Appropriation if a contained has already been raided before a related quest is assigned to the player.
  • The update will make it so that player will be able to assign Robots as settlement vendors.
  • Fix for the issue in which speaking to Ronnie Shaw in Defend the Castle quest will result in the quest not being completed in a proper manner.
  • Fix for the issue in which entering the Institute in The Nuclear Option quest with the help of the targeting helmet on the Power Armor would automatically cause the player to get into combat and also get stuck inside the building.
  • Fix for the issue in which light bulbs placed in Workshop would not light properly.
  • Players will be able to delete downloadable content in the PS4 version of the game by making use of the Add-Ons menu.