Update 1.5 For Fallout 4 Currently Available, Far Harbor DLC Likely to Be Released in The Next Month!

It should be noted that the new patch is a beta update. Alongside the new update, Bethesda also provided some information regarding the next DLC for the game which is Far Harbor.  Apparently this will be largest DLC that the game will get within the ongoing year.

Various reports suggest that the update will be rolled out some time during the oncoming month. It will obviously be free for those who have purchased the Season Pass for Fallout 4. However, it can be bought as a separate item for a price of $25.

The location of this DLC will reportedly be completely new. The landscape of this expansion pack will be quite large and thus players will have a lot of new areas to explore.

In other news, a YouTuber by the name of UpIsNotJump has reportedly recreated the trailer for the upcoming movie Suicide Squad by making use of Fallout 4’s Engine. This is the same guy who had in the past did a similar remake of The Walking Dead inside the game.

All the characters shown in the original Suicide Squad trailer have been recreated by the YouTuber with great precision in his video.

Readers can check out the Suicide Squad video here.

Stay tuned for more update on Fallout 4.